Flour, flour, and more flour


The secret to our delicious pizza dough, pasta, and bread lies in the ingredients, starting with the flour.  Double Zero (Tipo 00) Italian Flour is finely milled providing just the right balance of gluten and protein.  Sorry folks, definitely not gluten free but it sure does make a great pizza. 

We don’t use just any brand of Tipo 00 either, we use the Bavaro Brand.   Our flour is a hand selected blend grown in the rich soils of Campania, Italy then milled to perfection in Napoli, Italy. We know that every bag we bring into our restaurant is the best possible flour imported from Italy. 

If you are wanting to experiment on your own and make pizza or pasta at home, be sure to ask for some of the Bavaro flour to ensure your pizza is (almost) as authentic as ours.