The best of the best

If you haven't heard about our famous Vodka sauce, then I feel sorry for you.  

Creamy, full of flavor, some even call it "crack sauce" because of its addicting powers.  Our Vodka sauce is home-made from a super secret recipe, and one of the only sauces not available by the jar-its that exclusive! 

Some people come into the restaurant and order Penne alla Vodka and lick the bowl clean.  Others just order a side of Vodka to dip their pizza crust in.  No matter your style, Vodka sauce goes with anything and everything.  No judgement from us, we tend to heat up some sauce and dip our delicious bread into it for a quick snack! 

Whether you're a die hard fan or a first timer, we know that just one tiny taste will leave your mouth watering and craving more!