The truth about Bavaro's

Working at Bavaro’s is not like working for your ordinary restaurant.  You don’t just show up, do your part, and go home.  You don’t walk into work dreading the day.  You don’t despise your co-workers and get upset with everything they do.  You won’t ever say that you never see the owner in the restaurant. You won’t feel like your opinion is meaningless. 


What will happen is that you will become part of the Bavaro’s family.  While it is true Dan has a wife and 5 children, it is also true that his family is constantly growing to include the close to 75 employees across the 3 restaurants.  You will become close to your co-workers, sharing a bond that you didn’t know possible from your past work life.  You will see Dan constantly running around the restaurant helping out, even sometimes with his kids in tow.  If you have ideas to make Bavaro’s better, they will be heard and taken to heart- honestly. 


I started at Bavaro’s in September of my senior year of college as a server.  Little did I know that when I was getting ready to graduate the next May I would be offered a full time position as Administrative and Marketing Coordinator. I didn’t expect to still be working for Bavaro’s over 2 years later; it was supposed to be a serving job to get me extra cash as a student.  I didn’t expect to help open the St. Pete location including driving 30 minutes there and back every day.  I didn’t expect to never want to fully leave the company even after getting a 9-5 job at an office (I think Dan cried a little when I broke the news I was leaving in a small capacity).  I didn’t expect that on my 26th birthday Dan would invite me to have dinner with his family for “research” and surprise me with a birthday cake, or that his daughter would hand-make me a birthday card saying I was awesome.  I didn’t expect to make amazing friends, role models, and father figures that I look up to.  


The truth behind Bavaro’s is that it is SO much more than a restaurant.  It is SO much more than a pasta sauce company.  Bavaro’s is synonymous with family; after all it was the closest thing I had to family in Florida after I moved here.  Next time you step in the restaurant, take a look around.  Everyone there considers YOU part of the family too.