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Selected Pasta Sauce

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Antico Pomodoro

Pomodoro sauce is the staple of all sauces in the Italian culture. The base of this sauce is onion and basil, and with the old fashion method of cooking you are left with a smooth easily digested sauce that kids love! Antico Pomodoro is perfectly paired with dishes such as eggplant and chicken parmesan, lentil soup or just over your favorite homemade pasta.


Most families are very familiar with the common marinara style sauce. Over the years different cultures have made numerous variations to marinara sauces. Bavaro’s Marinara sauce has maintained the classic, true marinara style. Using freshly chopped garlic, sea salt, extra-virgin olive oil and the finest tomatoes, our Marinara Sauce is simple yet delicious!


Bavaro’s Arrabbiata is renowned for its smooth texture and flavorful tomato, garlic, and chili pepper blend. This blend of flavors has a building heat to wake up the pallet! What sets our Arrabbiata apart is the use of fresh chilies to create the heat. Arrabbiata is best paired with seafood (especially shellfish)!

Low Sodium Marinara

Understanding a sensitive and diabetic diet we developed a Low-Sodium Marinara sauce. Those with sensitive diets can now enjoy a delicious Italian red sauce to compliment their meal. Bavaro's Marinara has one of the lowest Sodium counts in the marketplace.

Fire-Roasted Peppers & Garlic

Bavaro's uses local Florida bell peppers that are fire-roasted then sautéed with fresh garlic as a base for this delicious sauce. We recommend this flavorful sauce for beef stews, sautéing with meats and of course, over your favorite pasta.

Neapolitan Pizza Sauce

Neapolitan pizza was crafted in Napoli, Italy in the mid 1800's. Neapolitan style pizzerias are popping up everywhere in the United States due to high demand of high quality, delicious pizzas. Bavaro's is one of the original pioneering Neapolitan Pizzerias in the country, opening in early 2009 in Tampa, Florida. Using the finest San Marzano tomatoes and Mediterranean sea salt, Bavaro's adheres to the Italian tradition and now offers its sauce used at the restaurant to home-chefs around the country.

Diavola Oil

Bavaro’s Diavola oil is primarily a finishing oil used with pasta, pizza, seafood and can also be added while sautéing up some of your favorite entrees.

Tomato Basil Soup

Tomato Basil soup traces its origins to the Aztecs of South America. This delicious soup arrived to Europe in the 16th century and the Italian community made it their own with the final touches. Today, tomato Basil is one of the most popular soups in cafes and bistros across America and Europe.

Fig Vinaigrette

Fig Vinaigrette dressing not only tastes good but is good for you since it is made from the finest ingredients. The use of fig and fig leaves has been prominent in Europe for thousands of years, dating back to when Adam and Eve ate the "forbidden fruit" and covered themselves with fig leaves. This dressing pairs well with our Mediterranean salad we serve in restaurants; baby spinach, red onions, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and pine nuts. Make this or create your own salad and enjoy the sweet and tangy tastes that delight your tastebuds!

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Bavaro’s Founder, Dan Bavaro is passionate about family, pizza, pasta, sauce and all things Italian. Moving to Tampa from New Jersey in 2008, Bavaro was seeking a change of pace. He had sold a successful transportation business and was looking to open an authentic Italian restaurant. He looked at several cities including Miami, but decided that Tampa was a “city on the up-rise, and a great place to raise a family.” Dan packed up his family, now five children strong, ages 2 -10, to follow his dream.

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Wholesale Partners Welcome

Bavaro’s is making its way across the country! We’re always looking to start healthy, long-term relationships with quality retailers and distributors. Bavaro’s produces an amazing product which consumers love! Loyal patrons create a market for distribution, making consumers, retailers, distributors and the Bavaro team a large group of happy people! To join the Bavaro movement, contact us here, we would love to hear from you…