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What separates Bavaro's from the competition is that we are an authentic Neapolitan pizza and pastaria that has not Americanized its menu or cuisine. We stay true to our roots and uphold the same methods of food preparation as they did hundreds of years ago in Italy; not something many restaurants can say.

Although Bavaro's operates multiple locations, the sense of a corporate environment is not present. Each location runs efficiently while at the same time feels like a family business. All of our restaurants maintain a low turnover due to the team environment we instill amongst our growing family.

We look for highly motivated individuals with a shared passion for family, food, heritage, community, and a healthy work environment. Each member of our team is dedicated to ensuring the customer has a wonderful experience while helping the Bavaro brand grow.

You can expect to become part of the Bavaro’s family from your first day at work. You will work in a setting that challenges you and helps you grow as an individual. Join us today!